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Wash Off Mask Pack (3 SET ALL!)

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Wash Off Mask Pack (3 SET all!! $19.00 )

Choose any pack, and you’ll receive discounts on all three: Mung Bean, Pumpkin, Rice! Experience the benefits: Mung Bean for soothing acne and controlling sebum, Pumpkin for reduced facial puffiness with morning and evening application, and Rice for a bright and radiant complexion. Use it a day before important meetings for optimal results!

Elevate your skincare routine and make a purchase that you won’t regret


  • Treat yourself AM and PM with this wash-off facial mask made of clean, domestically harvested ingredients, conveniently packed in a simple pouch for compact yet multiple usages.
  1. – This wash off mask has a soft, creamy texture formula with real rice grains that give a soft scrubbing effect that gently cares for dead skin cells.
  2. – Traditionally, in the privileged class of ancient Korea, washing with rice water was the most common beauty method to brighten the complexion, as rice softens the skin and helps supply deep hydration.
  3. – 9 kinds of native rice bran extract (rice extract) are locally harvested, grown from traditional methods and nourished by Korea’s wind, sunlight, and water, passing on the nutrition directly to the skin. It soothes and soothes your skin, making it instantly more clear and bright.

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Mung Bean, Pumpkin, Rice

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    호박팩 너무 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ진짜 피부 푸석한거 다 잡아주고… 화장 잘먹게 되는건 당연하고 얼굴 붓기가 하고나면 쫙 빠져요 ㅠㅠ어떻게 말로 표현해야하지 그냥 너무 좋음ㅎㅎㅎㅎ양도 많아서 베리굿

  2. Mia

    Okay, can we take a moment to appreciate Wash off Mask Pack? It’s like a reset button for my skin! It clears out impurities, tightens my pores, and leaves my face looking so fresh and clean. And the best part? Makeup glides on like a dream😚

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